NEXT STEPS Workshop #9: MEDIA: Print & Digital Journalists, TV & Broadcast & Radio

Thu 9th February 2023
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WORKSHOP 9: MEDIA: Print & Digital Journalists, TV & Broadcast & Radio


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The 9th in the BDRB x CIMA “Next Steps” Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Workshop series, we explore the equity (and the creation of) in the media sector - from within the spaces that create it, and externally where it is ingested - and how this impacts the music industry in Canada.

We will explore the environments where media is created, delving into representation and decision making power, hiring, access and systems, procedure & policy change andpractical solutions for decision makers wishing to create change.

We will discuss how media institutions can impact change, unpacking how the media influences our views on racism and shapes our views of People of Colour in society, the pervasiveness of racism and bias in the media, and how these impact us in the music and creative industries.

Finally, we will discuss the relationship between media and the music industry and how change to media systems can drive the music industry to more equitable outcomes for music industry professionals, artists and companies and how YOU, the independent music industry can make change with respect to media in your spaces.

If you purchase media, advertise, interact with publicists, or utilize media in any way, this workshop is for you. It is also for music professionals working in the music space and creative industries: print & digital journalists, tv, broadcast and radio who interact with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour media professionals or service rationalized groups in media creation.


Media practitioners and journalists in print, digital, new media, tv, radio & broadcast including but not limited to: Journalists, Production and Production Teams, Reporters & Announcers, Editors & Producer and Publicists working in the media sector.

CIMA x BDRB present NEXT STEPS: Equity | Diversity | Inclusion

Professional Industry Development Workshop Series

Canadian Independent Music Association cordially invites its members, signatories of the BDRB Declaration and the greater Canadian music industry to CIMA “NEXT STEPS”, a FREE equity-focused monthly professional development workshop series.

With the goal of increasing understanding of equity via the conduits of diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, anti-oppression and belonging in the Canadian music industry, this 10-part workshop series will feature subject experts & professionals from specific sectors of the Canadian music industry paired with EDI specialists to discuss and develop ACTIONABLE solutions and recommendations for staff and leadership of micro, small & large companies and organizations.

Developed, coordinated and facilitated by Breaking Down Racial Barriers co-founders Ian Andre Espinet and David "Click" Cox, “Next Steps” will build on the tenets set out in the BDRB Declaration and Report with an expanded lens for Black, Indigenous, API and other systemically excluded groups, and delve into equity within the varied arenas of the Canadian music industry.

Moderated by BDRB, workshops will pair music industry insight from experts & leaders with training components delivered by equity consultants from the KOJO Institute.

CIMA strongly encourages that organizations prioritize equity by encouraging leaders and staff to consider these FREE workshops as an important PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT opportunity.

Support for Next Steps is provided by: Ontario Creates, SOCAN, Radio StarMaker, FACTOR, the Government of Canada, and Canada’s private radio broadcasters.

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“Breaking Down Racial Barriers” was initiatied as a Black led, music & entertainment industry roundtable discussion series. Initiated, curated and coordinated by Canadian music and entertainment community mainstays Ian Andre Espinet and David “Click” Cox, presented by The Canadian Independent Music Association, supported by ADVANCE, Canada's Black Music Business Collective and 22 of CIMA's peer and partner organizations.

Taking place via 10 Zoom sessions, from August 4th 2020 - October 6th 2020, the roundtable series on anti-Black racism in the Canadian music and entertainment industry featured over 60 working Black music professionals from across the country.

BDRB is presently authoring a CIMA commissioned, ADVANCE supported report on anti-Black racism in the Canadian music industry which will aggregate accumulated knowledge and create actionable solutions. These suggestions will be shared with the wider community with the understanding that it can, if embraced, inform how policies and practices can and should be reformed.

On June 2nd 2021, the one-year anniversary of #BlackOutTuesday, corporations and organizations and individuals from the Canadian music industry gathered for the signing event for The Declaration to End Anti-Black Racism in the Canadian Music Industry. The document has been signed by over 500 to date.

BDRB is currently consulting with organizations and corporations nationwide to improve equity in their spaces via diversity and inclusion.

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