CIMA At Pop Montreal 2022

Wed 28th September 2022 - Sun 2nd October 2022
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POP Montreal is now entering its 21st year as a permanent fixture on the Montreal festival map and the international music circuit. Each year, the five-day festival presents more than 400 artists to audiences of over 60,000. CIMA is pleased to support Pop Montreal once again by co-presenting a full day of panels at POP Symposium.

Every year, POP Symposium brings people together to discuss the most pressing issues facing the music industry. This year’s POP Symposium presents an inspiring suite of hands-on workshops and panel discussions aimed at empowering the next generation of artists to build sustainable careers. Across the five themes of the symposium– CIMA will be supporting the day of Industry Innovations and tech.

In addition to the Pop Symposium, CIMA will be supporting a delegate industry gathering where artists and industry professionals can have the opportunity for a candid meet and greet.

POP Symposium Schedule:

Where: Rialto Hall

When: Oct 2, 2022

Panel 1: Through the Looking Glass: XR, AR, and Music


With the explosion of new immersive media technologies over the last decade, this panel explores the intersections of music, visual art, XR, and AR. What is the role of XR, AR, and other technologies in the future of the music industry?

With Vincent Morisset, Ali Kays, Ghassan Fayad and Jon Yu

Panel 2: Blockchain & Beats: New Horizons in Tech and Art


Blockchain technologies have caused much discussion in the music industry and beyond. Whether it’s the debate over NFTs, the potential of blockchain for music rights management, or emerging experiments in Web 3.0, this panel investigates the various futures and impacts of blockchain tech on art industries.

With Lesya Nakoneczny, Tika, and Francis di Stasio (Mega Labs)

Panel 3: Geo-coding & Radio Storytelling: Mapping Montreal Music


Join members of CJLO to discuss their exciting project using geo-coding and radio storytelling to create an interactive map of Montreal’s local music scenes. This panel explores the relationship between technology, community radio, local music scenes, and multimedia approaches to storytelling.

Francella Fiallos, CJLO 1690AM

Alana DeVito, CJLO 1690AM

Madeline Lines, CJLO 1690AM

Peggy Hogan, moderator

Panel 4: Burnout & Belonging: Mental Health, Wellness & the Music Industry


Studies show that the mental health of artists and workers in the music industry is worryingly low. Many point to a culture of overworking and hustling that is prevalent across the industry. What would it look like to prioritize wellness in the music industry? How can you build a sustainable career while maintaining wellness? How can we support professionals with disabilities and build an industry that doesn’t lead people to burn-out?

With Thanya Iyer, Mallika Guhan (Behave Music), Milla Thyme, Matt Harris (End of the Road), Bronwyn Ford (Luminelle), and Hanorah

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