Alternative Funding for Artists and Labels: Presented by beatBread

Tue 7th December 2021
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Title: Alternative Funding for Artists and Labels: Presented by beatBread

When: Tuesday December 7th | 1:00pm ET

Where: Zoom


About: CIMA is pleased to be partnering with beatBread as they present a 30-minute webinar dedicated to their alternative funding services for Artists and Labels.

beatBread offers a new way for independent/unsigned artists to fund their career development, while retaining ownership of their masters. They provide advances on streaming income for both catalog and unreleased music and give artists the complete choice of their distribution, marketing and promotional partners. beatBread also works with independent labels, to fund their development, as well as distributors and artist service companies to provide “white-labelled” funding to artists they work with.

Demo Presentation Period: 30 minutes followed by a question period Round Table chat with speakers Peter Sinclair and Matthew Tilley.

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Peter Sinclair (beatBread co-founder)

Peter Sinclair is a seasoned entrepreneur, with deep expertise in launching and elevating digital-forward businesses in the financial, music and consumer product sectors. He has repeatedly taken companies and business units from pre-revenue to rapid scale, creating high-performing organizations that deliver operational and commercial success.

He co-founded beatBread in 2020 as a means to empower more artists to make a living from their music without giving up ownership of their masters or the ability to make their own career decisions. Since launch, beatBread has helped artists with advances against streaming revenues from new and catalog tracks, giving them the financial freedom to build the team and partnerships that work best for them.

Matthew Tilley (Head of Artist and Industry Development)

Matthew Tilley is an experienced music industry veteran who has spent almost twenty-five years developing compelling and innovative marketing and development campaigns for some of the best-known artists in the world. He has worked at the crossroads of technology and music to create global initiatives that drive successful artist outcomes, and has a proven track record in building effective relationships between artists, labels and the wider music industry ecosystem.

Prior to taking his current role, Matthew worked alongside beatBread founder Peter Sinclair at Universal Music Group as Vice President of Consumer Engagement. In that role he ran a team of ten, working across all of the company’s labels to create innovative direct-to-consumer campaigns that significantly enhance an artist’s direct relationship with fans. The division scaled revenue from less than $10 million to more than $160 million within four years, and built meaningful revenue streams for artists including Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and The Weeknd


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