CIMA Presents: Emotional Liberation Circle (BIPOC Edition)

Wed 1st December 2021
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CIMA is hosting an Emotional Liberation Circle for self-identified BIPOC community members. Created and facilitated by Tenniel Brown, BA, MSW, RSW during this 1.5-Hour community discussion and skill-building training, BIPOC artists and independent music industry employees define and explore racial trauma. Participants reflect on what healing feels and sounds like within white institutions as well as skills to identify and address horizontal violence and the debilitating impacts of internalized oppression.

In addition, resources to develop and establish an “Affinity Group” made up of BIPOC artists and independent music industry employees will be offered with the goal of strengthening the community by building affirming and intersectional spaces for ongoing support, understanding, friendship and solidarity. With careful consideration to COVID-19 protocols, this will be an online event.

The organizers are committed to providing an accessible, anti-oppressive, anti-harassment, anti-sexual harassment, anti-violence, and anti-discrimination environment, and relevant accommodations to ensure equitable access in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code. In order to ensure safety among our participants, when registering for this event the organizers invite the community to join us in agreeing to:

  • Demonstrating affirming, respectful, and ethical behaviours towards other participants
  • Following and adhere to current human rights legislation
  • Sign off and adhere to community engagement guideline

Introduction to Emotional Liberation Circles from Tenniel Brown on Vimeo.


For over 15 years Tenniel Brown (facilitator, clinical supervisor, therapist and yoga teacher) has been working collaboratively with diverse clients to apply holistic tools to transform the impact of trauma and mental health on their lives. Tenniel is a passionate leader and an experienced anti-oppression speaker; dedicated to improving the experiences of marginalized people in all institutional settings. She is co-owner of  Browns Consulting, a holistic financial coaching company based in Toronto; and founder of the Centre for Anti-Oppressive Communication which specializes in providing anti-oppressive/trauma informed counselling, clinical supervision, and organizational consultation as well as customized workshops, trainings and team retreats.

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