CIMA @ NSMW 2021

Wed 3rd - Sat 6th November 2021
Truro, Nova Scotia
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CIMA is pleased to be supporting Nova Scotia Music Week once again! This year CIMA will be supporting the "All Together Now” conference as part of Nova Scotia Music Week 2021. This year’s conference will focus on community-centred recovery and growth to align with the realities around building back post-COVID. With delegates from the UK, the US, and Canada, “All Together Now” will take a back-to-basics approach to explore real strategies for growing your career in the music industry.

As the industry itself has been redefined, this is the time to take stock of what really matters, what's working, and how we can work together to build our community and, in turn, build your career.

Conference Itinerary can be seen here: 


Since the inception of Nova Scotia Music Week (NSMW) in 1997, the music community has gathered together to participate in a range of business training and networking opportunities while celebrating our artists and industry professionals. NSMW engages the Music Nova Scotia membership and music industry at large while showcasing emerging and established artists to the public. NSMW is held over four days in November with workshops, receptions, over 100 showcases, an international and domestic buyers program, B2B networking opportunities and the Music and Industry Awards. Nova Scotia Music Week (NSMW) is a public music festival and B2B music industry conference that celebrates the music of Nova Scotia. 
NSMW is owned and operated by Music Nova Scotia. Music Nova Scotia is a non-profit provincial music industry association that works to promote the full potential of the music industry in Nova Scotia. Music Nova Scotia employs four (4) full-time staff and seven (7) NSMW contract, staff NSMW has grown immensely since the inception of the event in 1997, earning its place as one of the leading music festivals and B2B music conferences in Canada. Contributing over $2 million to Nova Scotia’s GDP annually NSMW is about connecting the people and communities of Nova Scotia to the music the province is known for while improving the economic and cultural sustainability of our music industry and communities. NSMW attracts over 1100 music industry professionals and 7000 members of the general public. Our fans come from all walks of life and cover a broad range of demographics. While some conference events are specific to the industry, all components of NSMW are open to the public. Anyone can purchase a delegate’s pass and all events are open to the ticket-buying public. NSMW is a wonderful testimony as to how public performance, workshops, and seminars can blend. The showcasing festival and concert components are aimed at presenting the talents of Nova Scotian artists to the public and industry professionals, while the awards presentations are a celebration of achievement and provide heightened public recognition. Conference topics range from presenting core industry know-how to exploring current and emerging issues facing the music industry, along with potential approaches and solutions.

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