Wed 22nd September 2021

The Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) is pleased to be sponsoring two panels at Pop Montreal this year!

Session 1

Panel: Roaring 20s

Where: Rialto Hall, Montreal

Time: 4:00pm Est

About: Crises often give way to periods of incredible growth. This panel discussion will examine and foster that growth: how can we envision new, innovative and cooperative structures for the independent music industry that can provide new models for community-building? How do we apply anti-oppressive frameworks to build spaces and communities that are safe and inclusive? Let’s make these 20s roar!


G L O W Z I, a multidisciplinary artist, based in Tiohtiá:ke (“Montreal”), utilizes various art mediums, from painting to digital drawing and vinyl mixing, to explore various themes such as blackness, power and nostalgia.

Ky Brooksis a sound engineer, noise musician and scholar. They have been active in the Montreal experimental music scene since 2011 when they co-founded well known DIY space La Plante. Their research focuses on embodied knowledge in audio engineering, and the relationship between gender and professional performativities.

Marcelle Partouche Gutierrezis a musician (artist name Messaouda), administrator, researcher at McGill University and ENAP, and a community worker. She is known for being an organizer for Rap Battles for Social Justice and is the co-founder of Lotus Collective, a Montreal-based production entity made up of female/femme/ non-binary artists who put on live events in the city. Messaouda identifies as a queer woman of colour and her practice is heavily informed by her community work and the youth she met while working for the organization CARE.

Sacha Milleris the owner of Work Late, a boutique agency specializing in music festival properties, brand marketing and publicity that has provided services for Canada’s largest festivals and events.

Session 2: Promoters Field Trip: A candid meet and greet with industry delegates artist and industry professionals focused on Promoters.
When: Thursday Sept 25th 12:00pm
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