StayOutLate Presents: Mother. Mother Sound Project

Thu 28th January 2021, Thu 4th, Tue 9th February 2021
Zoom Webinar
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CIMA, MusicOntario, and Stayoutlate have partnered up to present a three-part webinar series called “Mother. Mother Sound Project”. Attendees will participate in thought-provoking conversations with notable and expert panelists alongside other like-minded members of the Canadian independent music community looking to acknowledge, learn, and gain inspiration from international music markets that have captured global attention. Participants of the “Mother. Mother Sound Project” series will benefit from exposure to new and emerging perspectives and the call to unify and rejuvenate the aspirations of the old and new generations that make up our industry. Following each panel session, we invite all of our participants to mix and mingle during an officially sponsored virtual DJ set hosted on Twitch.

Register for all three panel sessions here:

When: January 28, February 4 & February 9

Where: Zoom

Time: 6:00pm

Price: FREE Register here:

Please note: this series has no affiliation with the band Mother Mother, who we’re proud to have representing Canadian music on the world stage. We encourage you to check them out & explore their digital presence!

Day 1: January 28th 6pm EST

Making a million in the Canadian music industry - the first day of the series will cover everything from, “dreaming in American”, the politics of the industry, your team, and the realities of making money as an independent Canadian artist.


City Fidelia - Recording Artist

Remi Louis Harris - Remix Project 14, Writer, Artist Manager

Keya Sanyal - Girl Connected 2020, Artist Manager, UX Designer



DJ set:

Oh Annie oh

Day 2: February 4th 6pm EST

K-pop, Japan, and the JUNOS - day two will cover three specific subjects:. the rise of K-pop in the international music industry, what we can learn from Japan’s strength in physical sales, and the benefit of award shows.


Alborz - Recording Artist, Host, K-Pop Enthusiast

Sakako - Recording Artist, Event Producer

Giles Monette - event Producer, Curator, Visual Artist



DJ set:


Day 3: February 9th 6:00pm EST

So your game plan is to go viral on TikTok - day three will focus on social media, diving deep into how artists can build on information and analytics and learning from the experience of artists who’ve created their own success using different social media platforms.


Gianmarco - Artist Management & Development

Backxwash - Recording Artist

Exmiranda - Recording Artist



DJ set:

Young Teesh

About Stayoutlate:

StayOutLate is an arts & entertainment collective specializing in event production, and music management. SOL strives to facilitate iconic moments that constantly grow the global profile of the Canadian music scene and create paths and tools for current and future generations to utilize.

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