Los Angeles Synch Mission to Peak TV 2017

Mon 23rd - Thu 26th January 2017
Los Angeles, California, USA

What to Expect

Following the success of CIMA’s 2015 Pilot Synch Mission to Los Angeles, we will be staging a second mission to connect the Canadian independent music industry to synch opportunities in television and streaming media in the USA.

While pundits debate whether we have reached “Peak TV” a staggering volume of television shows continue to proliferate with budgets rising beyond projections. The game changer: streaming video on demand (SVOD) services. There has never been a better time to be providing services and content to scripted television productions.

This mission will differ in format, affording returning companies the opportunity to gain incremental knowledge and contacts within the Los Angeles industry. The change of date to January (vs May), will focus on non-traditional production cycles and positioning Canadian independent music executives with TV music executives before pilots are created.

Applications now closed.

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