Issues affecting the Independent Music Industry

CIMA is at the forefront of any changes in government policy or legislation that impact the independent music sector in Canada, and speaks out on behalf of its members, voicing their concerns on many key issues.

Broadcasting Issues CRTC

“The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is an independent public organization that regulates and supervises the Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications systems. The CRTC supervises and regulates over 2000 broadcasters, including TV, AM and FM radio and the companies that bring these services.” (CRTC website

CIMA reviews policies and changes made by the CRTC, and where applicable, provides recommendations to ensure the best interests of its members and the indie music industry are represented.

Recently, CIMA has reviewed the CRTC’'s policy on Canadian Radio and its content, the Bell (BCE Inc) and Astral Media merger, and broadcast license renewals for radio and television in Canada.

Copyright Issues

Copyright issues are an ongoing concern for the independent music industry. CIMA works with the government in an effort to initiate much needed changes to Canada'’s copyright legislation.

Launched in 2010 as Bill C-32, this copyright reform initiative has proven to be complicated and even controversial.

CIMA is working with the Canadian government to help “smooth out the wrinkles” in Bill C-11, the Copyright Modernization Act.

To quote Stuart Johnston, CIMA'’s President, "“The bottom line is Canada needs this new copyright act to protect the intellectual property of our artists and the music industry businesses that represent them.”"

Funding Issues

The independent, Canadian-owned music industry generated an average $1.22 return in taxes for every $1.00 in support from the federal and provincial governments.

As the independent industry’'s national trade association, CIMA'’s initiatives raise the profile of the Canadian music industry through the development of programs that provide:

  • Targeted business-to-business initiatives at international conferences, trade shows, and festivals
  • Research and preparation of music industry market intelligence
  • Educational/professional development programs for members

The combined efforts of CIMA's Government Affairs and the Ontario Advisory committees help us convey our positions and inform the governments in matters related to the indie music industry.

Currently, CIMA is working with the government regarding the renewal of the Canada Music Fund (federal Dept. of Heritage), the proposed Ontario Music Fund, the Ontario Sound Recording Tax Credit and the development of a music export office.

In the past, CIMA has worked with Radio Starmaker Fund, Harvard Broadcasting, Audio Visual Licensing Agency, SOCAN, Canadian Music Week and other public, private and collective partners in their efforts to secure funding and opportunities for Canadian Independent music.