Coalition Music Currently Looking for Talented New Artists/Bands for their Artist Entrepreneur & Development Program


The decline in major label driven artist development dollars has left many artists in need of substantial entrepreneur skills to launch their careers. Coalition Music is pleased to announce that the next intake of its successful Artist Entrepreneur & Development Program will be starting February 3rd 2014. Aspiring artists will receive comprehensive instruction on elements of the music industry including branding, communications, live recording, funding programs, media training, and touring logistics among other focuses.

The Artist Entrepreneur & Development Program starts on February 3rd 2014 and is a 10-week full time (Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm) program that runs until April 14th 2014.

In addition to working hands-on with Coalition Music’s team of social media, marketing, management, promotion, publicity, funding, touring, producing, sound and songwriting experts, you’ll get a chance to meet active industry professionals in music law, accounting, publishing, booking, talent buying, music supervision, radio, SOCAN, FACTOR, and production, among others. You also have ongoing access to Coalition Music resources and expertise after the program ends.

Program highlights include:

  • Marketing;
  • Promotion;
  • Touring;
  • Live sound;
  • Band agreements;
  • Band psychology;
  • Publishing;
  • Finances, banking, accounting;
  • Management;
  • Social Media;
  • Merch;
  • Songwriting;
  • Recording;
  • Performing;
  • Music supervision;
  • Radio;
  • Talent buying;
  • FACTOR; and
  • SOCAN.

Pop group PRTY H3RO and singer/songwriter Ben Caplan are among the acts that have participated in the program previously.

Artists & Bands interested in discussing more about how Coalition Music can give their career the focus and direction it deserves are encouraged to contact Jesse Mitchell at or 416.755.0025