Rdio Reveals New Influencer Stations



Rdio’s curated services, including its influencer and label stations, have just gotten a little bigger and better. Officially launched last March, these two features of the streaming service offer “handpicked highlights from some of the world’s most exciting music labels and cultural influencers.” (Rdio Blog). In the initial March launch, CIMA member Dine Alone Records was selected as one of the 20 stations chosen to curate their own station on the service, which was only available to users in the US, UK and Canada. Available to users on all tiers of the service, the curated stations will feature labels and influencers from the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Brazil, India and Asia and is now open to new markets (Australia, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil and Singapore, among others) – expanding the potential reach for new Canadian artists and music companies alike.

Now, the service has announced a series of additions, bringing the total number of curated stations to over 100. Notably, the ranks of Canadian labels receiving a label station on Rdio has swelled to include CIMA members Arts & Crafts and MapleMusic Recordings, as well as local influencers like Exclaim! and Yelp Toronto.

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