MCL Announces Toronto Regional Advisory Council


In light of growing concern around the health, sustainability and future of Toronto’s live music venues, Music Canada Live is immediately convening a Regional Advisory Council (RAC) to examine challenges facing Toronto’s venue community.  Live music venues not only represent a critical aspect of Toronto’s cultural and economic small business ecology, but are key stakeholders in ensuring Toronto continues to grow its reputation as one of the most engaging and creative cities in the world.   

Current regulatory, legislative and policy frameworks place live music venues at a distinct competitive disadvantage, disproportionate to the significant economic, social and culture currency venues generate for their communities.  They do not adequately reflect their unique value proposition, nor their impacts on tourism, quality of life, city planning and urban development.  “Independent venues represent a diverse sector whose constituents play a vital role in the ecology of both the music industry and broader cultural sector; with positive impact on businesses, communities and economies – both local and national.” (Music Venues Trust, 2015)

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