What is Road Gold?

What is Road Gold?
Road Gold is the certification program that celebrates and acknowledges Canada’s hard-working touring artists and bands

Who is eligible?
Canadian artists who have sold 25k or more tickets in Canada over any 12 month period on the road.

Why certify ticket sales?
There are many metrics to measure an artist’s success these days: album sales, streams, chart positions, ‘likes’, ‘followers’, airplay, press coverage, merch sales and lots more.

But to tour across the country, fill venues and draw crowds is an arduous task that requires dedication, teamwork, and the ability to engage music communities across Canada.

It’s an accomplishment worthy of praise!

When can I apply?
Anytime. You can apply for Road Gold Certification for tickets sold within a 12-month period whenever you hit that milestone. Eligible ticket sales can date as far back as January 1st, 2014.

Where can I apply?
Go to www.cimamusic.ca/initiatives/road-gold to fill out the application form and submit your supporting documentation. A $50 submission fee is required.

How is certification awarded?
Recipients will be announced as applicants are processed and verified by the Canadian Independent Music Association, through our online properties and our media partners. Custom plaques to commemorate the achievement can be ordered and purchased from CIMA.