CIMA Road Gold: Eligibility Criteria

  • Certification is awarded by application to CIMA. An administration fee of $50.00 is applicable.
  • Artists must be Canadian.
  • Sales must reflect paid gigs played in Canada.
  • Certification is based on at least 25,000tickets sold for public performances within a 12 month period. Artists who hit that milestone in less than 12 months are still eligible for certification. Eligible dates can go as far back as January 1st, 2014.
  • Artists must perform their own show or as headliner (or co-headliner) in Canada.
  • Where the act is NOT performing as the headliner/co-headliner, only 10% of total ticket sales will be eligible for that performance.
  • Where the act is NOT performing as the headliner/co-headliner at a festival, then the higher figure of the following will be eligible for the performance: 2% of total festival tickets sold or total festival tickets sold divided by total number of performing acts per festival.
  • Paid performances only.
  • Performances must include at least 50% original music to be eligible.
  • Total ticket count per performance cannot exceed capacity of the venue.

Ineligible Criteria:

  • Venues with less than 100 people capacity
  • Showcases/free shows
  • Dates that have not yet been performed

CIMA Requires:
Verification of ticket sales, as detailed in the Certification Application. CIMA will conduct random spot audits of all applications in order to verify the figures provided by the applicant.

Artist marketing info (photos, bio, social media links, EPK, etc. are optional, but we would appreciate having it included in the fields below if possible).

Award Plaques:
Customized Road Gold certification plaques will be available for recipients. Please contact Alyssa Erwin by e-mail ( or phone (416-485-3152, ext. 221) for more information on pricing and our customizable design options.

Online Application:
Once you have assembled the above information, please complete the Road Gold Online Application.

All information in the Certification Application is confidential, and will not be shared with any third party (including CIMA’s Board of Directors). No financial information will be requested from the applicant.