CIMA President Stuart Johnston Speaks To BC Business About The Changes To The Temporary Foreign Worker Program

In an article posted on July 10, 2014  by BC Business Magazine, CIMA President Stuart Johnston as well as Music BC Executive Director Bob D’Eith were invited to comment on the recent changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

From BC Business Magazine,

“The rule changes came about thanks to strong advocacy from industry groups across Canada, such as the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) and Music BC.

“We need our small venues—there’s not enough of them,” says Music BC executive director Bob D’Eith. “By making it hard or impossible for them to book foreign artists, it totally threw the whole ecosystem out. That’s why all the national music industry associations have been pushing hard for this change.”

Stuart Johnston, president of CIMA, says the government understood the music industry’s viewpoint and argument, and that last summer’s blanket changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program didn’t work for the Canadian music industry. “When we presented the facts to them, to the government’s credit, they understood that they had inadvertently made an error and took the time needed to correct that error. We’re very happy about it,” he says.”

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