CIMA Goes to the Hill and Talks NAFTA, Labour Mobility, Cultural Exemption and MuchFACT


CIMA 2017

With the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) re-negotiations fast approaching, CIMA took the opportunity to engage with Member’s of Parliament and Ministry staff on issues affecting the Canadian indie music scene. Our top 3 priorities were: 

  1. Asking the Federal government to take opportunity that the NAFTA re-negotiations offer and ask for reciprocity in the treatment of Canadian musicians crossing the border to work in the United States. This would mean the elimination of visas/work permits for artists entering the U.S. for tours or shows.
  2. Ensuring that the “Cultural Exemption Clause” be taken off the negotiation table during NAFTA discussions. This is necessary to retain Canada’s ability to implement a full range of measures, from content quotas, to broadcasting rules, to public institutions, to funding programs, that support Canadian artists and cultural producers.
  3. CIMA explained the impact of the CRTC’s May 15th decision to remove the provision that required Bell Media to fund MuchFACT will likely have on the Canadian music industry, and offered potential solutions to the problem. Our concerns were heard and CIMA looks forward to continuing to work towards a resolution.

CIMA also touched on some Copyright issues, as the mandatory copyright review will be undertaken this year. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with our government and ensure that Act be reviewed though a creator-centric lens.