CIMA 2018 Federal Pre-Budget Submission to Standing Committee on Finance

August 1, 2017  – CIMA filed its pre-budget submission with the House Standing Committee on Finance as part of the consultation process for the 2018 federal budget.

CIMA thanked the government for its focus on cultural exporting and recommended that greater support be targeted to music in 2018. CIMA advocated for an increase to the Canada Music Fund and establishing dedicated funding streams for music sector exports.

Specifically,  CIMA recommended the following:

1. Increase the Canada Music Fund by $5 million, with annualized staged increases over the next five years.

2. Establish an annual $10 million Music Export Fund for Canadian-­‐owned music companies and their artists, using funding available from the Budget 2016 investment “Showcasing Canadian Talent to the World”. Ensure funding is available annually for the Music Export Fund in fiscal 2018-­‐2019 and beyond.

3. Increase annual funding to CIMA’s Music Export Canada international trade programming to $1.5 million per year.

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