AVLA is now Connect Music Licensing


Effective immediately, the AVLA Audio-Video Licensing Agency Inc. (AVLA) will be known as Connect Music Licensing. The rebranding coincides with the organization’s 30th anniversary.

“Our role is to connect rights holders and users, for their mutual benefit, making “Connect Music Licensing” a perfect name as we undertake continued growth in membership and licensing mandates,” says Victoria Shepherd, Executive Director at Connect Music Licensing. “Connect Music Licensing ensures that rights holders get paid for use of their sound recordings and music videos – fairly, quickly and transparently – while providing music users with convenient licensing and rates certainty on account of its vast market share and collective agreements.”

Thirty years after it was founded to compensate rights holders for the broadcast of music videos, Connect Music Licensing now provides licenses for uses not yet envisioned in 1984, such as noninteractive and semi-interactive streaming services. With over 1800 members, Connect Music Licensing offers easy, efficient access to the vast majority of music in Canada.

“The revenue generated by Connect Music Licensing is invaluable to the music industry. Connect Music Licensing tirelessly pursues all available revenue streams, and their streamlined, economical administration gives us the freedom to focus on our artists and their music.” says Mathieu Drouin, founder, Equator Music (Crystal Math Music Group). “No matter how big or
small we are, we know that we are treated fairly.”

Connecting with Connect Music Licensing is easy:
Web: www.connectmusiclicensing.ca
Twitter: @ConnectML
Facebook: CONNECTmusiclicensing

For more information, contact Victoria Shepherd: vshepherd@connectml.ca T: 416-922-8727416-922-8727, 416-922-87279228727ext. 120.

About Connect Music Licensing

Connect Music Licensing administers licensing in Canada for the reproduction of sound recordings and reproduction and broadcast of music videos on behalf of copyright owners (usually, record companies). The licences available from Connect Music Licensing ensure that copyright owners receive fair compensation for use of their sound recordings and music videos.