CIMA Publications, Submissions and Reports

The following are formal publications prepared and presented by CIMA on behalf of its members and the Canadian Independent Music industry. Click on the title to download the document in PDF format.

CIMA Submission to Canadian Heritage 2016 ‘Digital World’ Policy Consultation

November 25, 2016 – CIMA participated in the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canadian Content in a Digital World policy consultation, outlining measures that can be taken to update Canada’s cultural policies and make them more compatible with the needs of a digital world. In particular, CIMA recommended establishing a more level playing field in the cultural economy, enabling independent music creators to be more fairly compensated for the increased consumption of their content on online streaming sites and other digital media platforms.

CIMA Intervention Re: Bell Media Inc.’s CRTC Renewal Application for Much and M3

August 15, 2016 – CIMA submitted an intervention to the CRTC responding to Bell Media Inc.’s application to renew its broadcasting licenses for Much and M3. CIMA objected to the removal of Bell’s obligation to contribute a fixed percentage of revenue to the MuchFACT fund for developing videos and music-related content. Given the significance of promotional materials such as videos in the digital marketplace, CIMA also recommended that programs like the Canada Media Fund be updated to facilitate the creation of such materials by independent artists (for terrestrial as well online distribution).

CIMA 2017 Federal Pre-Budget Submission to Standing Committee on Finance

August 5, 2016 – CIMA filed a pre-budget submission with the House Standing Committee on Finance as part of the consultation process for the 2017 federal budget. CIMA thanked the government for general increases to its arts sector funding in 2016, and recommended that greater support be targeted to music in 2017, such as by increasing the Canada Music Fund and establishing a dedicated stream for music sector exports in the new Showcasing Canadian Cultural Industries to the World trade initiative.

CIMA and MusicOntario Pre-Budget Submission to Ontario Ministry of Finance

January 25, 2016 – CIMA and MusicOntario submitted a joint pre-budget submission to Ontario’s Ministry of Finance as a part of its 2016 Pre-Budget Consultations. The submission thanks the Government of Ontario for making the Ontario Music Fund (OMF) permanent, while offering key suggestions on further measures in support of the Canadian-owned segment of the music industry. These recommendations include lowering the funding limit of the OMF Company Development Stream (A and B) to $750,000 per company, investing in music education and leveraging convention centres to tie together the music industry and business tourism.

CIMA and MusicOntario Submission – Ontario Cultural Strategy Consultation

December 6, 2015 – CIMA and MusicOntario filed a joint submission with the Government of Ontario during the Cultural Strategy consultation process. The consultation, on behalf of CIMA’s Ontario-based members and MusicOntario’s membership, expressed the view that music is a foundational element in Ontario’s cultural landscape, and offered key input on several issues of importance to our respective memberships.

CIMA Submission – Torres Media Ottawa Renewal Application

October 7, 2015 – Torres Media Ottawa Inc. submitted a Part 1 Renewal and Licence Modification request to the CRTC. Among the proposed changes, Torres Media Ottawa Inc. was asking to reduce their current CCD contribution levels to the basic CCD level, as well as reduce their Canadian content requirements. CIMA filed comments urging the Commission to reject Torres Media Ottawa Inc.’s request, based on the importance of CCD and Torres Media Ottawa’s position in the Ottawa-Gatineau market.

CIMA Submission – CMT and Corus Entertainment

August 21, 2015 – Corus Entertainment submitted an application to the CRTC where they requested to remove their commitments to play country music and country music-related television content, as well as remove their requirement to contribute to the creation and distribution of Canadian country music videos. CIMA and a coalition of 6 other music industry organizations filed a response arguing for the continued importance of CMT as Canada’s only home for country music on television, as well a need to ensure that Canadian country music video creation is supported.

CIMA Submission – Much and M3 Licences

August 19, 2015 – Bell Media, Inc. has submitted 2 applications to the CRTC regarding their Much and M3 television services. CIMA and a coalition of 10 music industry organizations has responded to this request by re-affirming the need for Canadian music video content on the airwaves, and a need to ensure the continued existence of MuchFACT.

CIMA/MusicOntario Pre-Budget Submission To Ontario’s Ministry of Finance

February 12, 2015 – As a part of the Ontario government’s pre-budget process, MusicOntario has submitted a brief thanking the Government of Ontario for its leadership and support of the music industry through the Ontario Music Fund and the Ontario Sound Recording Tax Credit. This submission was made on behalf of MusicOntario as well as CIMA’s Ontario-based membership.

CIMA Response to Stakeholder Interventions on CRTC Call for Comments on a Targeted Policy Review of the Commercial Radio Sector

April 1, 2014 – CIMA’s comments on the submissions of other stakeholders in the CRTC’s consultation on its targeted policy review of the commercial radio sector.

CIMA Files Comments on CRTC Call for Comments on a Targeted Policy Review of the Commercial Radio Sector

January 30, 2014 – The CRTC has called for comments on certain aspects of it’s commercial radio policy.

Supporting Data

CIMA Response to Stakeholder Interventions on CRTC Call for Comments on the Commission’s Approach to Tangible Benefits

January 28, 2014 – CIMA’s comments on the submissions of other stakeholders in the CRTC’s consultation on it’s approach to tangible benefits.
CIMA News Release

CIMA Files Comments on CRTC Call for Comments on the Commission’s Approach to Tangible Benefits

December 5, 2013 – The CRTC has called for comments on it’s approach to tangible benefits, which are a significant source of resources to independent music production in Canada.
CIMA News Release

Submission to the Departments of Industry, and Heritage and Official Languages on Notice-and-Notice in the Copyright Modernization Act
November 13, 2013 – CIMA Response to Government Consultation on the regulations governing the implementation of Notice-and-Notice provisions in The Copyright Modernization Act. 

Statement from CIMA On Changes to LMO Process for Temporary Foreign Workers
August 29, 2013 – CIMA letter to the Minister of Employment and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration regarding recent changes related to the process of obtaining Labour Market Opinions (LMOs) for Temporary Foreign Workers coming to Canada.

CIMA Files Comments on CRTC Amendments to Canadian Content Development
July 9, 2013 – The CRTC has called for comments on proposed amendments related to Canadian Content Development. CIMA, as the representative of the Canadian independent music sector, has filed comments on behalf of its members regarding this notice.

Submission to the Department of Canadian Heritage regarding Canadian Music Fund
May 22, 2013 – CIMA has formally asked the Department of Canadian Heritage to renew the Canada Music Fund when it expires in 2015 – an important fund that currently provides $25.56 million in annual support to the music industry, through programs such as FACTOR and others.

Sound Analysis, An Examination of the Canadian Independent Music Community (2013)
March 5, 2013 – This landmark report, commissioned by CIMA and written by research firm Nordicity, quantifies for the first time the specific economic impact of the Canadian independent music sector.

CIMA Submits Comments On Bell-Astral Merger
August 7, 2012 – CIMA has submitted its comments to the CRTC regarding application by BCE for authority to change the effective control of Astral’s broadcasting undertakings so that it is exercised by BCE – and its impact on the Canadian independent music industry.

CIMA Responds to SiriusXM’s Broadcast Licence Renewal Application
June 21, 2012 – As part of its licence renewal application, SiriusXM is seeking to reduce its annual Canadian Content Development (CCD) contribution by 90 percent. reduction in support to the Canadian independent music industry. The effects of this reduction in funding will be felt immediately by the Canadian independent music industry.

CIMA Submission to the Legislative Committee on Bill C-11
February 29, 2013 – CIMA addressed the federal Legislative Committee on Bill C-11 where CIMA’s concerns with Bill C-11, an Act to Amend the Copyright Act were outlined. The presentation by CIMA President Stuart Johnston and Board Secretary Bob D’Eith is available here.

CIMA Submission to the CRTC on Canadian Content Development
February 21, 2012 – CIMA submitted comments to the CRTC in response to their Broadcasting Notice 2011-796, a request for comments on proposed administrative changes relating to the Canadian content development policy for commercial radio.

CIMA’s Prebudget Submission On The Ontario Sound Recording Tax Credit
February 12, 2012 – As part of the Ontario Government’s prebudget process, CIMA has submitted its request for the government to modernize the OSRTC to reflect the realities of the marketplace, and the current business strategies of CIMA members.

CIMA Comments on Bill C-11 Copyright Modernization Act
November 03, 2011 – CIMA has created 10 specific recommendations for changes to Bill C-11, the federal government’s proposed legislation that will update Canada’s copyright laws.