A New Report From Business For The Arts Shows That Canadians Value Companies That Support The Arts



Business for the Arts is Canada’s only national charitable organization of business members who support the arts. Founded in 1974, the organization has been focused on building relationships between the private and cultural sectors in order to strengthen arts & culture in Canada.

Specifically, BftA:

  • Connects arts organizations to business patrons and volunteers.
  • Stimulates investment into the arts through matching investments and sponsorship training.
  • Provides a platform for arts organizations to celebrate their business partners.
  • Communicates the value of investing in the arts through advocacy and research.

On that last point, BftA recently published a new research report called Building the Case for Business Support of the Arts, that presents some interesting findings that further build the case that Canadian businesses should invest in the arts & culture sector.

Some of the key findings include:

  • More than half of Canadians favour businesses that invest in arts & culture.
  • This is motivated by the overarching belief that the arts produce societal benefits, including good-health & well-being (82%), intellectual development of children (95%), and a reduction in youth crime and alienation (88%).
  • Since 2008, business investment in the arts has increased by 49%.

You can download the full report by clicking here, and you can view more information about Business for the Arts by clicking here.